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Performance and Recovery

Rest and recovery is something we don’t talk about enough in the fitness industry, but the reality is, without proper rest and recovery, we cannot achieve our goals in athletic performance or aesthetic goals. If you are training for a specific event or sporting goal, it’s important to map out your plans to achieve that goal and in doing so factor in some recovery time.


What happens if I don’t allow enough recovery time?

It’s very easy if you are excited to achieve a specific goal or maintain a specific physique to over train. Physical effects of over training can mean the body may become prone to injury, muscle fatigue, hormone imbalances and decreased adaption rates. Your muscles need time to repair, rebuild and strengthen and your body needs time to rest and replenish energy stores. By not allowing enough time your muscles will begin to fatigue and will not adapt to the new stimulus (e.g. lifting heavier, running for longer) and eventually fail. Not only is recovery important for your physical health but it’s also important for your mental health.


How do I know when I need to rest and recover?

Typical signs that your body needs to recover are delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), this is when your muscles become sore after exercise and can occur 24-72hrs after training. Other signals that you need rest include feeling generally fatigued, decreased performance levels, restless sleep and irritability.


How can I aid recovery?

Key elements to aid recovery include sleep, nutrition and hydration. During our REM sleep phase, we produce a growth hormone which helps repair damaged tissues in the body including muscle tissue. It’s recommended that adults get at least 6-8hrs sleep each night. Food intake and re hydrating post exercise are key to replenishing the body’s nutritional and hydration needs and a vital part of recovery. Other techniques that can aid recovery include massage, foam rolling and stretching.

My personal recovery recommendations include a good night’s sleep, hot baths, light stretching or yoga and comforting nutritious meal such as homemade lentil curry.

If you have any questions about rest and recovery or what’s best for you, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me at or find me on the gym floor Friday – Monday.


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