Health Club update – from 22nd March

Gym Podium

What is core strength?

By Donovan Augustus | Personal Trainer |

‘If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. But keep moving.’

 – Martin Luther King Jr.

We should all be driven by the message of a great leader such as Dr King. For one, it guides us to continually forge towards our goals and dreams. Secondly, and most notably to you, it reminds us of our mission statement –

‘The core is our foundation and a strong core means everything else will be strong.’

Core strength aims to simplify the fitness experience by becoming the hub that makes fitness fun and effective for all.

We think the idea of ‘Keep Moving’ is the most important message in fitness. No two clients are going to have similar goals, or similar needs, or similar starting points. 

For that reason, some will metaphorically run, while others will walk, and some will crawl. Yet, no matter who does one of our core strength classes, we can be certain that we’ll provide them a great workout that is:

  • Safe for their current fitness level
  • Effective for their goals
  • Capable of customising to their needs

So, when classes resume, come and challenge your core at my Core Attack Class. 

In the meantime, download some home workouts here …