Grass Clippings

This will be the final Grass Clippings of the year, and, like the start of the year, the final days are dominated by the one issue that has overshadowed our lives for the past 18 months. In that time, horticulture and sport have been a life raft to cling to for the sake of sanity and fitness.

DIY centres saw a bump in sales during lock down as for many the interruption to life was a period when home and garden improvement were some of the few activities that were legal without leaving home. Growing vegetables became on trend, like baking and the host of hobbies that followed. Watching things grow and exploring where what we eat comes from has been a revelation to the young and old. The garden has not only become a sanctuary but in some cases a novel garden bar and a place to socialize – the new inside which is outside with flowers.

Sport has also gained popularity, been vital to shift the lockdown pounds and the chance for many to get out in open spaces while in lockdown or dream about while isolating. Having an active life has never been as important for many of the population and neither has the need to bond with friends and family and interact with one another. These key attributes have been part Roehampton Club life since its formation and are still an important element of being a Member. Long may that be the case.

To all our Members this Christmas, from the Course and Grounds Team, we wish you a very peaceful Christmas and the very best for 2022.

Peter Bradburn, Course and Grounds Manager –