First Tee Talk

Do you think you *may* just be gripping the club a shade too tightly?



Do you grip it or hold it? Are you gripped with fear? Have you ever wondered about your grip in golf?


Below is the definition of a grip:

‘the act of grasping; a seizing and holding fast; firm grasp’


That does not sound great for golf does it?

Soften your hands to create height on your shots and you too could get a hole in one.


Remember, the club has a handle which we hold. We do not grip the grip as a grip is just that; tight. These words are important as we simply cannot programme ourselves to ‘grip’ the club correctly as we do not want tension or tightness when we hold the club. We should hold the handle to allow it to swing freely when we move.

This was exactly the theme with Derek Lyons who had a hole in one very recently.

Congratulations Derek. Derek has had a course of lessons recently and started by complaining of a lack of distance and lack of a quality strike. Often the simplest advice works the best and after looking at Derek’s numbers on Trackman we went outside to work on ball flight and swing feel. The data was helpful, but the real work needed to be done by feeling the swing improvements and their resulting ball flight improvements outside.

Golf is game played with many of the senses and we must embrace the right one at the right time: feel, sight, sound, imagination all play a part. Science, data and logic sometimes need to take a back seat!

With Derek, we worked very quickly on softening how tightly he was holding the handle. Remember, the club has a handle which we hold. We do not grip the grip. As Derek held the club lighter, he could work his hands much better and ‘feel’ his swing improvements very quickly. Allied to an improvement in the height of his shots, he started to feel more confident and trust the lightness of the handle and the resulting longer, freer, looser swing.

Richard Williams had a hole in one in July following lessons to create height, Derek likewise in August, so we must be due a lesson taker improving their flight height to have one in September!

Contact me to create height, flight, power and distance or to study your data: 07974403289 or

Sunday afternoon Family Golf is back!


International Family Golf Day Sunday 20th September


Come and play social and informal golf as a family with Head PGA Professional Richard Harrison and the PGA team and wear your team colours! This event welcomes all abilities and all ages to come and play as a family under PGA supervision and includes on-course tuition from the PGA team.


The event is purely for fun and family time over five holes of golf and should take you approximately an hour to play. Sign up as a family or with friends in groups of up to four. Members without weekend playing rights are welcome to play.

Tee times will be every ten minutes rather than our usual shotgun start owing to Covid restrictions and there will be no presentation afterwards as a result. Simply turn up to play in your country, club, or team colours.

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◊ Free for all Junior Members

◊ Adult members who do not hold weekend playing rights £10.00

◊ Please email Richard Harrison to enter: or



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