First Tee Talk

Calling all Cadets – Sunday 4th October from 1400hrs

Free on-course tuition with Head Professional, Richard Harrison

As part of the plan to grow the Roehampton Club Cadet section of golfers, we are starting the season with an 18 hole and 9 hole tuition event on Sunday 4th October.

18 or 9 holes: your preference
Max 30 players from 1400hrs 1st tee start, 10 minute intervals
Groups of three Cadets playing together, ability and age matched

Free to enter and on-course tuition will be provided by Head PGA Professional Richard Harrison, alongside on-course challenges to develop players skills.

Richard will be offering on-course tuition as well as looking keenly at the abilities of all players to begin the process of measuring and developing the section.

Please email to register interest or to enter.

A Cadet golfer includes:

1 Any Junior golfer of any ability who is aged 10 upwards

2 Any Junior golfer who holds a handicap

3 Any Junior golfer who has mostly completed their Passport to Golf

4 Any Junior golfer of any age who the PGA team recognises displays significant talent

We would like to encourage as many Junior golfers of all abilities into this programme and grow the section as well as providing a pathway for our rapidly improving Junior golfers. The aims of the section are:


Club environment for aspiring and better players to compete together, develop together and reach their potential. Handicap attainment and reduction.


Aspirational, inclusive, independent, developmental environment


Cadet Coaching events, monthly Stablefords, Junior Captain, Junior Championships, Rookie League, unsupervised social golf

Stay connected

Member Niels Verbeek has children currently taking part in the Cadet programme and is hosting a Members’ WhatsApp group for parents to engage and receive event news, discussion and updates. Please email your details to to register your mobile for inclusion to the WhatsApp group.

Whatever your injury, you can fashion a game or a swing

For the past 12 years I have coached our disabled, wounded and injured armed forces personnel at events around the UK organised by the On Course Foundation charity. The On Course Foundation offers free golf coaching to the wounded veterans with a view to finding them employment upon leaving the services. I have spent my time with them in awe at their resilience, good humour in the face of appalling injuries as well as learning how best to coach them. Each injury is different and always complicated by the balances and compensations made by their bodies to cope and, as a coach, I am constantly trying to figure out how to apply solid fundamentals to a body which has limitations. Last week I was in Wiltshire at an event we hosted and in the picture below is a fourball of golfers, with only two legs between them, but four big smiles. Typical of their gallows humour, the three limbless soldiers all ribbed the two-legged soldier for being greedy!

What have I learned that will help you?

Lesson number one from this: always keep your spirits up and intend to stay in a frame of mind which encourages better play. Easier said than done, but the alternative is very destructive and only you have the option.

Lesson number two: your energy and strength levels are inconsistent. Some days we have more energy than others and how often have you been in the gym or the pool and you just do not have the oomph you had last time, or you seem to be more energetic than you expected? Those carrying injuries are better placed at warming up as they are very cautious of creating more injuries. They take their time and warm up slowly, just like professional sportsman. Your warm-up routine should begin with short soft shots and end with a few drivers in the net.

Lesson number three: It is incredible how we can adapt. if you have a leg, hip or knee restriction then your hand and arm swing needs to be optimal as it will be heavily relied upon. In these cases, I ensure the lower body is positioned for balance and stability not mobility. Therefore, you should swing according to your abilities and limitations. I spent a day with one of the world’s best Tour coaches, Pete Cowan, with 11 other pros as he coached us on his experiences. It was a fascinating insight and one thing he explained was just how much career ending damage the world’s top players can do to themselves when trying to swing in a way which their body simply isn’t designed to do.

Any coach needs to remain flexibly minded with a constant appetite to improve their coaching and the inured personnel of the On Course Foundation keep me very much on my toes and always adapting. If you have any quirks, limitations, injuries or indeed swing idiosyncrasies, then your body may just be telling you something. Let me help: 07974403289 or

Can you help?

The On Course Foundation beneficiaries are on limited incomes and love the game. We have over 1,000 beneficiaries and they really appreciate using your old golf equipment. If you have any second-hand clubs which you no longer need, please drop them off at the shop and I will post on to the very eager service men and women around the country. I recently sent out about 20 sets donated by very kind Members, so thank you to them all. Please only drop off reasonably recent kit by brands such as Callaway, Ping, Taylor Made, Titleist, Cobra and Yonex as we have plenty of clubs for beginners but need more for the established players.

Enjoy your golf.

Richard Harrison | Head Golf Professional |