Virtual Talk with Viv Haxby

Colourful Consorts

Monday 8th March, 6.30pm
Free event

Join Member and Blue Badge Guide, Viv Haxby, to hear about four of our most interesting Queen Consorts.

Viv will talk about Caroline, probably the funniest and the cleverest Queen we have had. And Charlotte – so familiar to viewers of Bridgerton … – who proved to be ‘as fertil’ as a turtle’. Alexandra who tolerated the numerous infidelities of her husband and was the original leader of fashion. And Mary who came into her own during the dark days of the First World War, was the first to get ‘down among the people’, and really defined the role for the twentieth century and beyond. All four were expected to produce an heir – and preferably a spare. They all did their best to support their husbands, endorse and promote British products, support charitable initiatives and uphold what were perceived to be the values of the nation. Four very different women who each brought their own distinct style to the role of Consort.

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