Croquet Communiqué

Annual Christmas Party

The Croquet Section held their Annual Christmas Party and Raffle on 18th December, after the GC Club morning.

There was a good attendance from across the Membership and a convivial lunchtime, fuelled by Mulled Wine and Prosecco, along with sandwiches, and mince pies, was enjoyed by all.

18 – 35 Christmas Competition

On 28th December, we organised a light-hearted competition for non-Croquet Club Members, 18 – 35 age range with some basic instruction and golf croquet games, again fuelled by mulled wine.

John Pearson and Mike Pattison organised and David Mooney, (our Grade 3 Croquet Association Coach), gave some instruction.
Thanks to Anne Wilkinson, Tony Salem and Dan Pearson for assisting.

Everyone enjoyed the event and there was some promising play and several shots that would please more experienced players. Participants thought it should be repeated at Easter time and it is hoped we may see them again in the near future.

Have you tried Croquet?

To all Roehampton Club Members – if you would like to try croquet please contact me for information – it’s a fun and competitive game and you would be welcome.

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year.

Mike Pattison | Croquet Captain