Croquet Communique

Another gloomy day, however, there are positives to the current COVID lockdown. The extremes of cold, (frost restricted), and wet (flooded and soft), restrictions to play need not concern us!


All lawns are being rested, and at a time, when there is no growth, this is a good thing, and the Grounds Team has been able to work, uninterrupted, on the planned drainage works.

Internal Summer Competitions


The deadline for entries into this year’s singles events is 22nd February, 2021, please don’t delay.


We hope new Members will join in – they need not fear, as we will make sure they understand the format and the use of ‘bisques’, (extra shots), in handicap events, which balance out the players. The difference between handicaps gives the number of ‘bisques’. Level events are played without ‘bisques.

Lawn Four

Work has started on the construction of the Padel Tennis courts. To try to minimise damage to the southern end of Lawn Four by contractors’ vehicles, a protective roadway has been laid to spread the load and avoid ‘tracking’ by vehicles.


You will be pleased to see that even the full-size lawn area is untouched.

My Mallet

It’s that time of year again – marmalade making. My Mallet has been making this year’s supply while the Seville oranges are still available.

Keep well and safe!


Mike Pattison | Croquet Captain