Croquet Communique

As we count down the days to the Club reopening and allowing access to outdoor sports, the Croquet Committee has been busy preparing for our summer season, in particular our internal Summer Tournament competition.

It is hugely encouraging to see new Members to croquet taking the plunge and entering events in the Summer Tournament. One of the (few) upsides to 2020 was the number of Members who tried out croquet and discovered what a fun and challenging game it is: the section has welcomed 45 new Members as a result.

We have received a bumper crop of Members registering for the various singles events, especially the golf croquet ones. The deadline for entering doubles events is 22nd March, so there’s still time to register for these. Details on the draws, deadlines for play and other practicalities will be emailed to croquet members in the coming week. I am grateful to Lynn Pearcy (Chair, Competitions sub-committee) and Mike Pattison (Captain) for all their hard work in organising this competition.

I am very much looking forward to seeing Members again (socially distanced of course) and getting back onto our fantastic lawns to play croquet: a sport I love and accessible to all ages. If you have not yet tried it – think again!

Anne Wilkinson | Croquet Chair

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