Croquet Communique

Well there is hope on the horizon, as I write, we are a week away from the ‘Road Map’ out of Lockdown, and if we are to believe comment, mentions a return to singles outdoor sport maybe before Easter.

That of course assumes that the golf course and croquet lawns dry out in time, they have been waterlogged now for a while.

Despite the frosts, and snow, the grounds team have been taking advantage of our absence and are making good progress on the lawn drainage. Some trenches are quite deep as you will see!

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Internal Summer Competitions

Closing date for singles event is next Monday 22nd February. Please do not delay – if you have lost your entry form or are unsure how to proceed please contact

My Mallet

A disappointing weekend for my mallet – reduced to armchair sport it witnessed some amazing sailing in the America’s Cup but the British boat is struggling to find its speed!

As for England’s cricket team in India after their win in the first test, the ‘wheels’ have truly ‘ come off’.


Keep safe,

Mike Pattison | Croquet Captain