Croquet Communique

Inter Club National Association Croquet Tournament

This Sunday, 16th May, Roehampton Club play in the first round of the Inter Club National Association Croquet Tournament, at home, against Sussex County.

The Roehampton team of Tim Russell, Harry Fisher, Mark Van Loon and Peter Siddall face at strong Sussex County team of Dominic Nunns, Chris Coull, Gabrielle Higgins and Paul Castel.

Sussex County are based in Southwick, West Sussex.

We wish the Roehampton Club team well.

Paul Wheeler

It is with great sadness, that we announce that Paul Wheeler died last week. A long-standing Roehampton Club Member, and croquet player, a regular competitor in the summer competitions, he last won in the Handicap Doubles with David Lee in 2019.

Paul was a great character, good company and a keen player and will be missed by those who knew him.  Our sincerest condolences go to his wife, Anne, who is also a keen player.


Longman Cup

Last Monday, a Roehampton Club Association Croquet Team played in the first round of the Longman Cup, away to Hurlingham. The Roehampton Club team consisted of Elaine Phillimore, Lynn Pearcy, Tony Salem, and Nicholas Halton. Despite some close-fought games, Roehampton was disappointed to lose the match.

The Coles Championship (Association), 1-3 May

A quality field played over three days for the Coles Cup at Cheltenham. Sunshine and cold winds developed into rain by the third day, none of this deterred Roehampton member Harry Fisher, who lifted the trophy after a 2-0 win over Mark Avery, in the Championship final. Many congratulations to Harry!

Hurlingham May Weekend, (Association)

Always a popular event, two Roehampton Club Members took part in an entertaining and competitive event.  Mark Van Loon finished in a three-way tie for second, finishing fourth overall.  Peter Siddall also had a good weekend, winning four of his matches.

Charity One Ball Final

The final of the Charity One Ball Final was held at Surbiton on Sunday 9th May. A very busy event with 42 players, from around the country, playing on seven lawns, triple banked!

Ron Wood, who won the Roehampton round, had an enjoyable day and met some very strong opposition, winning four of his seven games.

The event had raised over £6,000 for the British Heart Foundation before the finals.  Four hundred and fifty entrants competed in thirty-five heats to decide the final entrants.

Ground Maintenance Week

The work on lawns 1,2 and 3 is well underway with ‘thatch’ removed, and the lawns ‘cored’, then ‘top dressed’ and by the end of the day (Tuesday) ‘seeded’.


The grass seed is tiny as you will see in photo below (coin gives comparison). 

Enjoy your Croquet!

Mike Pattison

Croquet Captain