Members must book lawns by using the online booking system or by phoning Reception on 020 8480 4200 ext. 4 and provide the names of all players.

Guests – only one guest per Member is permitted

To facilitate freedom of booking and fair use of courts we ask Members to follow the following guidelines

Social Play

Bookings can be made up to TWO weeks in advance.

Booking periods start at 10.00am. You cannot leave a blank hour. Therefore, bookings must follow from the previous game or allow a two hour gap.

Bookings are for a maximum of:
Two hours Golf Croquet
Three hours Association Croquet (other than matches)

Members may only book / play in THREE sessions per week, ( internal summer competition matches not included) however, if there is availability on a given day then these slots can be booked.

Doubles play and Double Banking is permitted.

All lawns will be available to play on between 10:00-21:00. (12:00-21:00 – Tuesdays).

Club Sessions

These will remain bookable using the existing Rules circulated to Members.

Competition Bookings

Advance booking for competition detailing name of Competition and all players may be made up to the “cut off” date.

For GC book 3 hours (the first hour of the day MUST NOT be left blank)

For AC book 3 hours (the first hour of the day MUST NOT be left blank)Exc. Vatcher & Caffin (4) and Heathcote

Pavilion and Lawn Four Hut

The Pavilion will be open. The wearing of face coverings is not mandatory but Members may do so if they wish.

The toilet will remain open. It will be regularly cleaned and sanitised.

Lawn 4 Hut will erected once it has been delivered to site.


All equipment is to be collected and returned to the Pavilion.

Lawn 4 equipment will be left on the lawn until the new pavilion is erected.

Cleaning products / hand sanitiser are available to maintain a clean environment and to enable players to wash equipment after use.

Mallets – Members wishing to borrow a mallet may do so. They can be collected from Club Reception. They will be sanitised before and after use.

Dress Code
There are no changing facilities. Please come ready to play. Whites not required.

Advise to players

Wash your hands and clean any equipment you use, such as balls and mallets, before and after you play. You should wear gloves if you are handling balls.

Players should agree the score at the end of each scoring turn. Personal counters should be used to keep count of bisques/extra turns.

Use your feet, rather than hands, to position balls where you can do so with sufficient precision.

Players should be their own Referees and acknowledge faults and errors if they occur.

Any amendments will be added and distributed to Members.

Tristan McIllroy – Operations Manager – Golf, Games and Club –