Changing Room access post-swim for Indoor Pool swimmers – Saturday 22nd August

The male and female Changing Rooms will re-open for Indoor Pool Swimmers only, on Saturday 22nd August for post swimming changing.

Will I be able to change before my swim?

To begin with Members must still come ‘Swim Ready’ and change on poolside.

How do I access the Indoor Pool?

A one way system will be in operation – detailed as below:
 Check in with Health Club staff at the Gate
 Walk round to the Indoor Pool via the Outdoor Pool
 Be ‘Swim Ready’ and change on Poolside ready to swim
 Once finished Indoor Pool Swimming Members can enter the Changing Rooms to change only
 When changed, leave via the Changing Room entrance and Reception area

Will the changing rooms open for Indoor Pool swimming only?

Yes. At this stage to ensure we adhere to the capacity numbers dictated by our Health and Safety Consultant.

Do I have to use the Changing Room?

No. If you would prefer to continue to dry off on poolside and leave via the Entrance Gate, you can.

How many people can use the Changing Rooms?

Adults = 7 max at any one time
Families = 4 max at any one time

Adults = 9 max at any one time
Family = 6 max at any one time

IMPORTANT: if the changing room is at capacity Members will be required to wait on poolside until space becomes available.

Will the Changing Rooms be cleaned regularly?

The changing area will be cleaned and sanitised thoroughly in a 15-minute window after each session before access is granted for the next group of Members.

How do I know where to change?

Please only use spaces marked in each Changing Room. These spaces have been set out to ensure social distancing is maintained.

Will I be able to use lockers?

In phase one of re-opening lockers will not be available for any use. The changing room is for changing only.

Will I be able to use the Changing Room showers?

◊ The showers will be available to Indoor Pool Swimmers only.
◊ Outdoor Pool swimmers will need to continue to use the Outdoor Showers for the foreseeable future.
◊ Showers cannot be made available yet for Gym and Studio users.

Will towels be available?

Members will need to continue to bring their own towel for the time being.

Will I be able to use vanity areas, hairdryers, costumer bags and the costume dryer?

Yes. However, for the safety of both Staff and Members this is on the understanding and agreement that Members and Staff take responsibility of sanitising these facilities and equipment before and after use. If this does not happen then these facilities will be made unavailable permanently.

Can I use the Changing Room if I am booked into the gym or a fitness class?

No. Gym and Class Members are required to come Gym ready. This is to avoid overcrowding.

Will the toilets be available?

Toilets will be available for everyone. Only 2 Members at anyone time.

What age can children use the changing room on their own?

Children can use the changing room on their own from 7 years old.
They must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times while swimming.

Thank you.

If you have any questions, please speak to a Member of the Health Club Team or contact

Luke Fenton – Health Club Manager