Chairman’s Message

Dear fellow Members,

As I write this last item for the Recorder this year, there seem to be dark Covid clouds on the horizon. Whether or not a heavy rain will fall from them is uncertain. What is not in doubt is the chance we have had to enjoy our beautiful Club with its wonderful facilities and service since the last lockdown ended. I hope that you have all had the opportunity to take advantage of your membership in 2021.

That we have been able to do so is in no small measure due to the staff who work so hard and to such good effect for us. Below is my message to staff in their Christmas newsletter this week on behalf of all Members:

‘Dear all,

I had hoped to be with at least some of you at your Christmas lunch last Friday to thank you in person for all you have done this past year. Unfortunately, for reasons connected with Covid, I cannot do this. I hope you enjoyed your lunch together.

So, in this message, I want to express the heartfelt thanks of the Board and all the Members for all you have done this year, in whichever department you work in. You have made the Club a truly welcoming place for us all, a safe and enjoyable haven in which to enjoy our sport, play our games, enjoy the beauty of the grounds, and relax with family and friends. You have worked hard and creatively, coping with the restrictions imposed by the Government from time to time and as they have changed. You have done so with good humour and with a smile on your faces. I earnestly hope that you have gained much satisfaction and pleasure in coming to work at the Club this year and have felt the gratitude and support of Members for what you do for us.

At this time of year, especially now that we face new uncertainty and guidance, I hope you will have a very enjoyable time with family and friends and a well-deserved break and relaxation.

All the Members join me in wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year.’

I conclude by wishing you all, Members, and staff, a wonderful Christmas, and a Happy New Year, and above all, a peaceful and healthy one.


Alan Jenkins, Chairman