Bridge Report

Since I last wrote we have only played one match, and this was last Thursday against the everso affable RAC Woodcote down in Epsom. Kate Blake, Malcolm and Diane Bricknell, Jo Eskdale, Emile Fernandes, Caroline Jenkins, Val Lanceley and I set off in high spirits for this much anticipated match.

We had a good start but very sadly one of their team members became unwell and we decided to call the match a draw. Dinner was great fun and many jokes were shared.

Paul’s classes have begun and as always are tremendous fun as well as informative. We are so lucky to have Paul as our professional. You really do leave one of his classes chuckling to yourself. Paul has such a talent in boosting one’s mood as well as your bridge prowess if you concentrate and read the notes.

Tim’s classes have also begun well with some of his pupils dipping their toes into our Gentle Duplicate session.

Without reading too much like Joyce Grenfell please may I ask all our bridge pupils during the daytime to leave the room as if you were back at school leaving your classroom. Chairs are to be placed back around the tables, cups moved to one table by the door and any litter picked up and thrown away in the bin. This is especially important on a Wednesday, due to Paul’s intermediate class and on a Thursday, because we have our Chicago session beginning at 1.15pm. Our catering team do not have the time to tidy up in between the two sessions. If any Member reading this who attends either morning class could tactfully remind any visitors to the Club, I should be enormously grateful.

The AGM is on Monday 21st October at 6pm and we look forward to seeing many of you there. We shall be serving a few canapes and drinks afterwards in the Piano Bar.

Until next time – which will be my last report,


Belinda Stone | Bridge Chair