Bridge Report

Following an extraordinary meeting of the Board this week it has been decided that the Bridge Room will be closed until further notice.

All scheduled sessions are now suspended. There will be no Duplicate, no Chicago, no Supervised play and no lessons.

 In light of this we are considering ways to help Members continue to play Bridge. Danny has prepared some notes on ‘how to play bridge online’ for those who have never ventured onto online Bridge. We will email these out to all Bridge Members soon. 

 Paul will also be posting information, entertaining hands and puzzles and maybe trying to arrange online tutorials. Please see his website 

Online Bridge tuition details are also available from the EBU by following the link:

Before everything changed, when things were more or less normal in the Bridge Room I wrote the following report:

I am delighted to report that Roehampton Club have retained the Devonshire Cup. We field two teams for the Competition each year, Team Red and Team Blue. Last year Team Red won the cup and this year Team Blue have triumphed. They beat Oxford and Cambridge Alpha Team by a very impressive 4000 points. Congratulations to Peter Hardyment, Malcolm Bricknell, Philip Howard and Paul Tustain.

We had our annual fixture against the MCC last week. Our team of Danny Gesua, Viv Harris, Roger and Marie Perry, Verena Higgs, Claire Martin, Sue Norgate and myself had a lovely evening in the pavilion at Lords. MCC have an interesting scoring system where all 4 scores for a board are recorded on the traveller and the net difference between them is then converted to imps. Effectively we were playing as a team of eight rather than two teams of four. It highlighted the very different contracts that people played in for the same hand. The good news is that Roehampton managed a 31 imps victory. Congratulations to the team. 

In the Royal Wimbledon Ladies Golf Club Bridge League the team of Viv Harris, Sally Gesua, Sue Gabriel, Sandra Fox, Marion Tamblyn, Loulou van Geuns, Claire Martin and myself had a good victory in our match against Royal Wimbledon GC. The League is now finished and the results will be announced in May. Thank you to all the ladies who have played in this season’s league. We have won three matches convincingly, lost one narrowly and were well defeated in one.  

I am pleased to see that Roehampton Club bridge players travel well. I have had this report from Mike Davis:

I have recently returned from a bridge holiday in Turkey, where I ran into Henryka and Peter Bonnor-Moris.

At the event, we played in the ‘Championship Pairs’, held over two sessions.

Peter and Henryka led after session 1, with an excellent 63%, and followed up with another near 60% in round 2.  Ann and I were lagging behind after session 1 with ‘only’ 53 %, but had a very unlikely 71% 2nd session to snatch the lead at the death.


Kate Blake | Bridge Chair