Bridge Blog

I hope that you are all well and enjoying being able to play tennis, golf, and croquet at the Club. I am looking forward to my first visit to the Members Bar later this week …

We will continue our regular schedule of four online bridge sessions per week throughout the summer:

Monday: 18 Boards at 13.30
Wednesday: 18 Boards at 13.30
Thursday: 14 Boards at 13.30 social duplicate Friday 13.30 teams

Please register to play by 13.15. Any pairs not registered by 13.25 are not guaranteed to be included in the session.


A quick tip from Danny about avoiding the perils of mis-clicking. He says:

If you find that you are mis-clicking go to Account >>Settings and switch on the two buttons marked ‘Confirm bids’ and ‘Confirm Cards’. As a result, you will be required to press OK after you have made your bid and you will have to click each card twice before it is played. Please ensure that you DO Click OK or DOUBLE CLICK the card you want to play as your Left-Hand Opponent will be unable to play until you do.

Games, matches and lessons

If anyone is interested in playing online duplicate bridge and has not already done so, contact me at and I can explain how.  It is free to play as the Club generously supports our online sessions by paying for the virtual tournament director and our EBU fees.

Paul Mendelson’s two online teaching sessions a week, Wednesday’s Intermediate Class and Thursday’s Advanced Class, are well worth a visit as is his Social Bridge class on a Sunday. Please contact Paul if you would like to participate in one or more of the sessions

We are in discussion with Hurlingham Club to see if we can play a Bridge match against them on 28th July. As this is quite soon, please let Julie Bacon know if you would be interested in playing should we get the go ahead. Please contact Julie at

I hope to see many of you soon at the Club.

Kate Blake  | Bridge Chair