Bridge Blog

Dear All,

Following the latest announcement by the Government we have decided that the Bridge Room will open on 19th July with fewer restrictions in place than we originally planned. Obviously if Government plans change between now and 19th July, we may have to reconsider various aspects.

There will be a Duplicate session on Monday 19th July at 1.30pm with Steve Foster returning to direct.

There will be no need to book in for this session. We can accommodate up to 14 tables.

We will not be taking cash for the session. The £3 entry fee will be deducted from your Club cards. Prize money will be added to the winners’ cards at the end of the session.

Please note that the cards can only be used if they have been topped up or if you still have some of the money that the Club put back on the cards at the beginning of the year. The original 2020 levy cannot be used.

There will be sanitiser at the door but there will no sanitisers on individual tables. Please do feel free to bring your own if this is a concern to you.

I would recommend that if you have your own bidding boxes then do bring one. However, the Club bidding boxes will be available for use. I would ask if you use a Club one that you keep it for the whole session, i.e. carry it round the tables.

The boxes will be cleaned at the end of the session.

Again, Club pencils will be available for use, but please do bring your own if you prefer.

Masks will not need to be worn, However, if you prefer to wear one then please do so.

I have really struggled to get a TD for either a Wednesday or Thursday evening. So, as we are very uncertain as to actual numbers who would like to play face-to-face bridge we have decided to keep two sessions online, while we assess interest.

The revised timetable in place from 19th July will be:

Monday at 1.30pm Duplicate session in the Bridge Room

Wednesday at 2.30pm: Duplicate session on BBO

Thursday at 1.30pm: Chicago in the Bridge Room

Thursday at 7.30pm: Duplicate session on Real Bridge

As there will be no prizes allocated for the online sessions there will be no charge to play online.

If there is enough interest in returning to face-to-face bridge we will run more sessions in the room from September.

The Summer Party will go ahead on 2nd September at 6pm. This will be a drinks party only.

We plan to run a Chicago fun session after the Drinks at 7.30pm in the Bridge Room.

The two events are separate. If you would like to come to the Drinks but do not want to play Bridge afterwards then there is no problem.

Congratulations to the Diamond Team. They won their pool in the handicapped Summer League of the Business House League but missed out in playing in the playoff final by 1imp.

Well done, Ralph, Peter BM, Peter H, Malcolm, Danny, Sally, Viv and Paul A.

I really look forward to welcoming many of you back to the Bridge Room on 19th July.

Kate Blake, Bridge Chair