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Dear All,

I hope that you are well. We had a demonstration of a new platform, yesterday. It allows you to see and hear your playing partner and opposition while playing. We were impressed with the software and will be setting up a trial session soon. However, its main downside is that the platform cannot be supported by older software plus your computer needs to have a video and audio link. We will be inviting you all to log on, on a specific date and time to test whether your software can cope. Please look out for the invitation to this test. Once we have established that people can access the site then we will run a trial Duplicate session and assess your feedback.

I had an initial flurry of responses to the email about the online Swiss Teams event that Hurlingham Club are running on 10th October.

Saturday 10 October 2020 starting at 10.30am until 5.00pm on BBO

♣ Morning session: Three rounds of six boards
♣ One-hour lunch break
♣ Afternoon session: Three rounds of six boards
♣ Your team must consist of four players who are members of your club
♣ Please register by Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Roehampton Club has an allocation of eight teams. So far, six teams have signed up. If you would like to enter a team, please let me know and I will send you the link for registration.

In our latest online match which was played at the end of August against the MCC our team of Danny Gesua and Peter Bonnor Moris, Gunilla and Kristoffer Huldt, Pippa and Derek Lyons, Richard Major and Libby Dand had a narrow loss 106 to 79 imps.

Danny reported that ‘We were 6 up at halfway, then had a bad third session, and had to cancel the last session because we were running late’.

Julie is working hard to try and get some more matches arranged and we have two more in the pipeline:

On 8th October, we have a team-of-eight match against AELTC and on 22nd October our annual ladies’ match against Hurlingham.

I am waiting for details of the timings for the matches and a separate email will be coming out shortly to invite members to sign up for each of the matches. If you are interested in playing keep the dates free.

I look forward to seeing some of you at the Club.

Kate Blake  | Bridge Chair

Bridge for Beginners

Term 3 Course led by Tim Chanter

The Bridge for Beginners Course, which is now online, will continue on Tuesday evenings commencing 15th September. The third term primarily covers competitive bidding and defensive card play. New joiners to the group are welcome, but it is not appropriate for those who have never played – anyone wishing to discuss whether or not the course is suitable can contact the teacher, Tim Chanter, on 07958 310 344 or at and are welcome to sit in on the first session of the new term without commitment.

About Tim Chanter

Tim is a keen tournament player and became a Grand Master last year. He has been teaching the game since 2013 when he left his City job to become a full-time bridge professional. His teaching has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ by the English Bridge Union, and he has been working at Roehampton Club for two years, with the invaluable help of Val Lanceley and other luminaries of the Bridge Section.