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Congratulations to Ralph, Peter B-M, Ron and Philip Howard who narrowly beat Rita Gallinari, Richard Armstrong, Sue Norgate and me by 5 imps to be crowned Teams’ Champions.

The second Teams competition is well underway with 36 players involved and will run to the first week of August. I do hope that more of you will try and play in the next league.

Congratulations to the Hearts Team in the Business House League. They managed to play their two outstanding matches online, winning both and have finished third in their League. Many thanks to Malcolm Bricknell for his organisation of the team and well done to the squad of Malcolm, Diane, Gordon and Sandra Fox, Richard Armstrong, Rita Gallinari, Verena Higgs, Adam Parker, Sue Norgate and Kate Blake.

The Diamonds Team, also playing in the Business House League, have played their two remaining matches online, winning one and losing the other. They are currently lying fourth out of the six teams, in their league. Fingers crossed that the results of the final matches of their competitors go their way and they survive in League 2. Many thanks to Ralph for managing the team so well and well done to his squad of players

We have looked into moving our Wednesday Duplicate back to the evening slot, but it would involve a complicated arrangement with BBO and we have decided to keep it on a Wednesday afternoon for the time being. Please let me know if you feel strongly that you would like an evening session.

I am really pleased that so many of you are now participating in at least one of our weekly Duplicate sessions. Could I just make a gentle plea that you all try and keep up with the time allowed for each Board. It is very frustrating for your opponents when there is a long pause before a bid or the playing of a card and even more irritating when the Board disappears before you can finish playing it. So please try to play with tempo.

I would also be grateful for some volunteers to be a standby pair for either the Monday or Wednesday sessions. The session cannot happen if there is an odd number of pairs – we cannot have a half table. This means that for each session there is a pair on standby, with a good chance of playing. The more pairs we can call on the fewer times each pair will be asked to be on standby. Please let me or Danny know if you are happy to volunteer.

For those who would like more bridge, Surrey County Bridge Association has sent me their online schedule for July and August. You should be able to find it on their website, or you can find it if you click here

Enjoy the sun,

Kate Blake  | Bridge Chair