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I hope you are all well and managing to play some Bridge. Sorry about missing a blog in the last Recorder. I am just back from a tropical holiday in South Devon. Truly amazing weather.

Congratulations to Team 2 for winning the latest Teams’ Competition. The top three teams were:
Team 2:     Malcolm / Diane Bricknell, Peter Hardyment / Robert Warriner
Team 5:   Ralph Evers / Peter Bonnor-Moris, Philip Howard / Ron Wood
Team 1:   Danny / Sally Gesua, Myles / Ellie Elliott

Well played and thank you to everyone who entered a team.

As you may be aware, we decided to have a summer break from this competition and will be restarting on Friday 4th September. Most of the teams from the previous competition have indicated that they will be participating again, but we would love more people to be involved. If you would be interested in entering a team please let Danny or myself know, as soon as possible. Matches will be 16 Boards, 8 against each opposing pair and will normally be played on a Friday at 1.30pm, though this can be changed by agreement between the two teams. The number of rounds/matches will depend on how many teams enter the league.

Teams are normally made up of four players, but you can have a team of five or six if you want to have greater flexibility and enable rotation. If you are a pair and would like to play but don’t have a team let either Danny or I know and we will try to find another pair for you.

I do hope that many more of you will have a go and enter a team.

The Duplicate sessions are continuing to be popular. I would be very grateful if some regular pairs could volunteer to be on standby on some Mondays or Wednesdays. The session cannot take place with a half table which means that we always need to have one pair waiting to make up the numbers should an odd number of pairs be registered by 1.25pm. There is obviously a good chance that you will play, but it is not guaranteed. Danny and Sally regularly do this for us but it would be fantastic if we could share the load. The alternative is to have robots making up the numbers, which is not ideal.

Please can you email me the dates that you, as a pair, would be prepared to be on standby at Thank you.

We have an online match against the MCC today, 20th August, so good luck to the team. Unfortunately, Julie is not having much success in persuading other Clubs to play our scheduled matches online but if we do manage to get other Clubs interested, we will be asking for volunteers to play.

I have had an email from Surrey County Bridge Association about their Surrey Teams League, Novice League and the Lady Rose Team knock out competition. These are FREE to enter.  These events cater for all levels of ability and experience, so why not give them a try?

Surrey League:

Master points awarded for each match won.

Division 4: 

Intended for improvers, social players.  Typically, four or five matches October to April.  Final May/June.  EBU membership not required.

Division 3:

Intended for most club players. Typically, five or six matches October to April.  Final May/June.

Division 2:

Intended for strong club players. Typically, five or six matches October to April.  Final May/June.

Division 1:

Blue points awarded for each match won.  Intended for the top teams in Surrey, typically NGS Q and above.  Entry is usually via promotion from Division 2.  Seven Matches October to April.

Novice League

For players having lessons or just starting out.  Typically, three or four matches November to April.  Final  May/June.  EBU membership is not required.

Lady Rose Knockout Teams:

Green points for every match won.  The highest placed team of Surrey Members will represent Surrey in the Pachabo Cup.  The Lady Rose Cup is a seeded competition so the top teams only enter in later rounds.  Any team losing in the first two rounds will be automatically entered in the Lady Rose Plate competition where local master points are awarded for each match won.

For more information please go to the Surrey County Bridge website.

Or contact the organisers at:

League organiser:
Lady Rose Organiser:

Hope to see many of you in the Club

Kate Blake  | Bridge Chair