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Dear All,

From 21st April for a trial period of a month we are going to run the Wednesday afternoon Duplicate an hour later to give people more time to play golf, tennis or enjoy a lunch at the Club. Unfortunately BBO can not run it any later for us but hopefully it will help a little. Duplicate session will start at 2.30pm from 21st April.

Please remember our new monthly team event on Real Bridge. This month’s is on April 23rd at 3pm. If you would like to enter a team please let me know soon on
I can only run it if there are sufficient numbers, so please email me to confirm your entry.

Julie has organised a date for an online match vs Queen’s Club:

13th May, 4.30pm start
Teams of 8
Experienced pairs
Please send e-mail entries by the closing Date – Wednesday 28th April to


We have played two matches recently:
Match vs RMS on 18th March on BBO.
This was played as 3 separate teams of 4 matches:
Many thanks to: Ellie and Miles; Simon and John; Peter and Jeanette; Mikaela and Lorna; Kate M and Joan; Loulou and Marion.
Unfortunately, when the 3 results were put together Roehampton lost by 11imps.

Match vs AELTC 8th April on Real Bridge.
This did mean that both teams could play the same hands, but unfortunately we lost by 7 imps.
Many thanks to Paul and Viv; Rita and Claire, Sandra and Gordon; Julie and Maria

We are now not allowing Undos automatically. Obviously you may decide to accept an Undo at your Table, but there is no automatic assumption that you must do so. Any disagreements should be referred to the TD.

Both BBO and Real Bridge provide a facility to require players to Double Click to Confirm their Bid or the Card played. Danny sent round an email recently with an explanation of how to set this up. I have repeated his instructions below:

>> On BBO :

Go to Account / Settings >>> Then set “Confirm Bids “ and “Confirm Cards” to “On” >>> ie : Toggle to Green.

>> On Real Bridge :

Go to Settings (Click on “Cog” shaped icon) >>> Then “Input Style” >>> Choose “Two Taps” or “Double Click” depending on whether you are on a Tablet or a Computer.
I hope this makes sense but please email Danny if you need any clarification on

I am very much enjoying being back in the Club playing golf, tennis and swimming. As more restrictions ease we are in conversation with the Club about how and when we can re-open the Bridge Room. I do not anticipate this happening before late summer but please be assured we are actively seeking to re-open as soon as it is feasible to do so.

Kate Blake, Bridge Chair