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Dear All,


Please all join us for a festive Duplicate on Real Bridge on Tuesday 15th December at 6pm.

There will be prizes for the winners, plus the pair nearest to a mystery percentage.

We may not be able to provide you with a Christmas sing song, cocktails, a sumptuous Christmas dinner, wine and conversation, but we can offer you Bridge. Please do wear Christmas hats and jumpers, if you have them, and let’s drink with your opponents as you move round.

Real Bridge was set up so those who were unable to play during the day could still enjoy a Duplicate session at Roehampton Club. Unfortunately, I have discovered that many still can’t join us as 6pm is too early for them. So for a trial period in January we will run the Real Bridge session at 7.30pm on Tuesday evenings. The first one will be Tuesday 5th January. I would welcome your feedback at the end of January as to what time works best. 


Please note that the Pianola Partner Finder is now up and running again. So do use it if you need to find a partner for any of the Duplicate sessions. 


As a Bridge section, we are extremely grateful to the Club for their financial support this year. However, as it becomes clear that we will continue to play Bridge online for the foreseeable future, it is unsustainable for the Club to continue to pay for all our Duplicate.  

So I would remind you that from 1st January we will be charging £2 per person for each Duplicate session. As far as you are concerned in terms of logging on and playing there will be no change. The Committee will give a register of all those who have played to the Club per month and the money will be deducted from your Club Card. For this to work each Member will need to have topped up their card as the original levy cannot be used to pay for Bridge. The original levy is to be used exclusively for Food and Beverage. Members can Top Up Club cards online or by contacting Club Reception to add funds so hopefully it won’t prove too difficult. Top Up Levy lasts for five years. 


I’m happy to report a very close run victory for our Diamonds team, Peter H, Malcolm, Peter B-M and Ralph, against Coolhurst in the LBHCBA. The team’s first half lead of 9 imps was reduced to just 6 imps at the end. 

Also in the LBHCBA, the Hearts team had a close victory by 10 imps against RAC Pall Mall in their league followed by a narrow loss to KPMG the following week. The Hearts team have played 4 matches winning 3 and losing one. All have been close.  


I am pleased to report that Malcolm and Peter H played In the Surrey “B” team on 29th November in the inter counties Metropolitan Cup. Their team topped their group and will move on to the next round. Many congratulations. 


And finally, I have been sent a poem by Gordon. The first two verses are by author unknown, Gordon has penned the last:




I’m giving up bridge … tonight’s my last night

It’s Amen to Staymen I give up the fight.

The insults and muddles are giving me troubles,

and I can’t sleep at night for thinking about doubles.

My cards are all rotten, and I have forgotten,

who’s played and what’s trump, and what’s gone on my right!

So, for now, it’s all overI’m off to the backwood.

I’m bidding goodbye to Gerber and Blackwood.

I can’t stand the hassle, I can’t stand the pain.

I’m getting those bad cards again and again.


I’m giving up bridge … tonight’s a bad night.

Declarer is horrid, and nothings gone right.

My partner’s a dope, and I’m losing hope,

and when she says double, I know we’re in trouble.

My points are not high, and I’m wondering why

she kept on bidding right up to the sky.

We’re in seven spades, and all my hope fades

when surprise, surprise, the high bidding pays. 

We’re winning all tricks. The defenders feel sick,

and I have to admit, my partner’s a brick

But I’m giving up bridge … tonight’s my last night.

Farewell to conventions I give up the fight!

So I leave with few words, but some that are true

Bridge is a game, not for me, but for you.


But sadly here is the rub – when will it be at Roehampton Club

We cannot play Bridge in their wonderful room – and have to depend upon computers and Zoom

I will still take lessons but will never know all – despite all the advice from wonderful Paul

And I will continue to hope when I say Grace – let my tiddly two trump my opponents Ace

And before I forget and let you go – let’s give a toast to BBO

So be kind to your partners, and don’t mind their cheek

For it’s only a game – and with second thoughts – I will play next week


Kate Blake | Bridge Chair