By Kate Blake, Bridge Chair

I hope that you are all well and managing to play some Bridge in these strange times. I am delighted to tell you that we have got our Duplicate sessions online. From next week, 6th April, we will run our normal Duplicate sessions on Monday afternoon at 1.30pm and Wednesday evening at 7.30pm. And we will run a more Gentle session on a Thursday afternoon at 1.30pm. All sessions will be FREE to play as the Club is funding the sessions. We are planning to run two trial sessions where we can all be novices together and so avoid being too embarrassed to play. These will be on Friday 3rd April and Saturday 4th April at 1.30pm.

Please give this new initiative a go. Once you have played online a couple of times you will see how easy it is and I hope you will get a lot of enjoyment from it.

In order to play you need to register with BBO and send Danny Gesua your Username. If you could make your Username something that people will recognise you by that would be helpful, as it is always nice to know who you are playing against. Danny’s email address is: 

All regular bridge-playing Members should have received notes on how to register and how to access the sessions. If not then all the documents are on the bridge page of the Members’ website. Or email me at

These sessions are open to all Members who like to play bridge. But even if you don’t want to play in Duplicate sessions BridgeBaseOnline (BBO) has a lot of other options to play bridge. You can even make up your own table of four with your friends and play privately together. There are notes on the Members’ website to help you do this.

I am delighted to tell you that Paul Mendelson will also be running an online bridge class on a Wednesday morning at 10.30am with more classes planned. I have just ‘attended’ his trial class and it was very good, with some very informative card play. Thanks, Paul, for keeping us so well entertained. Please see his website for more information or email Paul directly at

If any bridge Members who live by themselves and are not able to leave their house are in need of anything then please do let me know if I can be of help. I know that many of you have joined WhatsApp groups or have a good neighbour or family network around you but if anyone needs anything then please do call or email me on or 07771 858947

I do hope that you all enjoy your bridge online.
Stay safe and well, Kate