During the various lockdowns Chris has given two online lectures that have been made available to a worldwide audience. Each lecture attracted just under 100 attendees and the two lectures combined have raised over £2,000 for local charity React. React provides support to low-income families with terminally ill children. A third lecture is currently in production.

While Lockdown 3 continues we have decided to increase the number of online Teatime Backgammon tutorials to two per week. These take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 – 5.30pm (approx). In each session Chris pits his wits against the audience and the games are analysed in real time using the backgammon software program, Extreme Gammon. During the past ten months this method of teaching has dramatically raised the standard of play in those attending. It has also enabled members of our backgammon community to socialise safely and keep up with each other’s news which has been very good for the morale of those involved.

Please feel free to join us whenever you can. For more details please contact us on or

Chris and Gill Bray