Backgammon Blog

Sadly, there is still no sign of live backgammon and at the current rate of progress we are still some months away from that happening.

Several updates

1) The group stage of the summer online tournament has been completed and the semi-final line-up is as follows:

Tony Taylor              vs                    Marcel Bancroft

Simon Edwards       vs                    Jane Trueman

2) The London League seasons of 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 are likely to be combined with the outstanding matches from this season being played in early 2021.

3) The Annual Backgammon Dinner currently scheduled for Monday 14th September is necessarily postponed and may not take place at all due to Covid-19 restrictions on indoor gatherings. We will keep you posted on any revised date.

4) The Teatime Backgammon (TTBG) education sessions on Thursday afternoons have proved very popular. The format each week is a five-point match between Chris and the audience with detailed analysis on a move-by-move basis as the match progresses. As a learning method it has proved highly effective. Please do join us for these sessions.

Note: this week TTBG was on Wednesday 2nd September at 4pm. The Zoom link was sent out on Wednesday morning.

Chris and Gill Bray