Backgammon Blog

Sadly, we are still unable to play any live backgammon but hopefully it won’t be too long before that situation changes. Tournaments around the world have been moved online and while it is not the same as live play it is still a lot of fun. Several international matches have been played during lockdown and next month there will be a UK vs USA contest. We will publish details for those who would like to watch the action.

We will continue to run an online education session each Thursday at 4pm. After trying a couple of formats, we have decided that the most useful approach is for the audience to take on Chris in a consultation match with analysis as the game progresses. As a learning methodology it has proved remarkably effective.

If you would like to be added to our backgammon distribution list and join us for the sessions, then please contact us at or

A reminder also that Chris writes a backgammon column for The Times every Friday.

Chris and Gill Bray