Online Art Class Exhibition

The Class Exhibition has been posted on the class WhatsApp groups and the work from the new summer term is being added each week.

Mel White – pastel drawing of a cockerel
Andrea Bulstrode – charcoal drawing of an island lake

Online summer term art classes – extended for an additional five weeks!

The five-week summer term’s art classes are all taking place now online, live and interactive, with Kathy and Charles as our tutors! These are a huge success with 62 students participating each week.

Above are some examples from the acrylic’s classes, which this week studied cubism by Picasso and Braque, depicting three-dimensions on a flat surface:

Clockwise from top left across both images: Wynona Hollom, Pam Waring, Richard Ramsey, Jonathan Collard, Monica Thornton, Sarah Gooch, Ana Murray and Peter Hollom.

Thank you to our talented tutors, Kathy and Charles, who have embraced zoom and are making these classes so enjoyable. We must all also say a huge thank you to Sarah Owens who leads the art classes. She is a Club Member and a volunteer! Sarah designed and trialled the online class format, working with the tutors and students, before moving them seamlessly online and getting all us all organised. Thank you Sarah.

Summer term is being extended for another five weeks

The online classes have been an overwhelming success and we have decided to extend the summer term by an additional five weeks.

These will follow on, without a break, from the existing term dates; so, for the five weeks starting:

Life Drawing in the morning and Beginners and Improvers in the afternoon of Wednesday the 20th May
Acrylics in the morning and afternoon of Friday the 21st May
Water colours in the morning and afternoon of Monday the 24th May
Water colours in the afternoon of Tuesday the 25th May.

The cost will revert to the normal rate of £70 per student for the five-week term; that includes life drawing, as Kathy will base classes again on online images.

We give existing students first preference on classes as they like to improve and progress their skills through the term. An email will be sent to them shortly inviting their participation.

While the classes are popular, there are some places available. If Members are interested in joining a class and the art group then please email us at advising

Your name
Which class you are interested in
Your phone number

Eight students joined for the first time this term; most are also new to the Art Group. Welcome!

If I can borrow from the last art lecture on Joaquin Sorolla: we aim to bring ‘colour and light’ to the Club; plus of course charcoal drawings!

Barrie Garnham

I regret to inform you that Barrie Garnham recently passed away. Barrie was a talented art lecturer and a popular figure in Art History circles. He was both immensely knowledgeable and incredibly entertaining, with a sharp sense of humour.

Barrie was one of the very first lecturers at the Roehampton Club Art Group, some eighteen years ago. He was a very popular lecturer and was due to talk to us in April on Andy Warhol. Many Art Group members also attended his courses in South Thames College for many years. He was larger than life and will leave an equally large hole in many people’s lives.

Richard Ramsey | Art Group Chairman