1st Tee Talk

Start 2020 with a solid Trackman golf plan

If you are reading this with good intentions for 2020, then join the club. Each lesson I have given this year has been peppered with Members explaining new diet plans, new exercise plans and of course, great intentions for their golf.

Here is the simplest route map I know and for you to follow this coming season and you can do it all inside our studio:


1: Measure your current game using Trackman, 2: Assess what is possible using Trackman, 3: Plan for some success using Trackman.

1. Measuring your game

Trackman does this better than anything on the market. The radar gives us a total measurement of your swing and how your ball flies. The skill of the PGA Professional is to then find the gap in the data where you are not optimising what you do. Once we know this, the route forward becomes a lot easier.

2. Assess what is possible

This is where Trackman is so clever because it tells us what is possible for you. We each have limitations and we cannot over reach those, but the data presented to us via Trackman leads us to a realistic possible outcome. Hard work and focus on this detail gets us there. Also, your time and commitment levels need to be factored in.


3. Plan for some success

Some success is the best way to build up your game. Bits of success added together create lower scores, so do not feel overwhelmed by creating huge targets. Gaining a few yards off the tee will reduce your dispersion and then your scores. Keep it simple.


Which PGA professional is best for you?

With nine PGA professionals on hand seven days a week, all with differing coaching styles, we offer a very broad choice on how to improve your game. If you are thinking about getting better this year, then do send me an email with your goals and preferences and I will give you the best option on a professional to suit you.

My own style is deep analytical data using Trackman and looking at making your swing the best it can be. Instant and measurable results, but hard work! We cannot suit everybody as coaches, but it is best to know each professionals style prior to a lesson and I really get the best results from grinding out the facts.

I have coaches on hand who are excellent at quick fixes, playing lessons and long or short game specialists so why not send me an email to get started: richard.harrison@roehamptonclub.co.uk

Has the swing changed much?

Below left is Chick Herbert and below right is Jamie Sadlowski, both the long distance bombers of their time. The similarities of each technique are quite stark despite being 70 years apart. Chick was clearly heavier than Jamie, but must have had an incredibly athletic body to achieve the swing he did. 

Working from the ground up, look at how so many angles, body joints and positions look similar. There must be very few ways in which a golf can be struck well if we compare techniques of yesteryear and see very little change.

Enjoy your golf.

Richard Harrison | Head Golf Professional | richard.harrison@roehamptonclub.co.uk