1st Tee Talk

Getting better at golf is very simple … use a club that swings faster

Club head speed directly correlates to handicap and below you see the average male, club head speeds for handicap range:

Tour Pro = 115mph

Top amateur +3 handicap = 110mph

Scratch handicap = 106mph

3 handicap = 103mph

7 handicap = 97mph

11 handicap = 94mph

15 handicap = 92mph

… and so on and so forth!

Trackman radar measures club head speed and there is a direct connection with lower scores and higher club head speed. The key is making the club swing faster without losing control. Easier said than done? No, and it should remain uppermost in every golfers’ ambitions because a high swing speed means your body is turning correctly, your swing is on plane and you are meeting the ball from the best path. A slow swing speed means something isn’t moving correctly in your swing.

13 miles of extra distance in a year
Here are the results of a Member using the XXIO driver which has a significantly lighter shaft to produce 13 miles of extra distance a year. Yup, 13 miles, maths below.

This picture shows the improved Trackman data using the XXIO driver with a shaft which is 43 percent lighter than yours compared to the lower picture’s data of his current driver. The yellow dots and ellipse belong to the lighter shaft, the white dots and ellipse are from his current driver.

Club speed increase = 5.5mph

Carry increase = 17.8 yards

Total yards increase = 16.9 yards

Ball speed increase = 5.9 mph

He is a mid handicap golfer who is steady and hits the ball consistently enough, but has been finding distance loss an issue. His results were dramatically improved using the new XX10 driver which is a lighter model of club designed to help amateur golfers swing faster.

The club is 11% lighter than standard, the shaft 27% lighter and the grip 43% lighter and I firmly believe the lighter shaft is what is creating the greatest impact. With a minimal swing change, this Member increased his distance by 17 yards per drive on his total distance. Multiply this by the 15 drives he hits a round and that equals 255 yards a round. That is a huge improvement. He plays twice a week, 45 weeks a year so that means he gains 22,950 yards a year. That’s 13 miles longer off the tee with the driver each year.


We have the full range of XXIO ladies and men’s demo woods, fairways and irons in store now and I recommend you pay us a visit. Please email jake.watson@roehamptonclub.co.uk to book or call Jake on 020 8876 3858.

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Richard Harrison | Head Golf Professional