1st Tee Talk

Learning from the world’s number one coach – Butch Harmon

Thirteen years ago, I was very lucky to spend a week with Butch Harmon and his three brothers (all highly regarded Tour coaches), alongside fourteen other professionals. We spent all day, every day with the Harmons and taught good players together, which was an invaluable insight into their knowledge and efficiency of delivering information. One thing which stuck with me was a comment from Bill Harmon ‘I am a better coach today than I was a year ago and I will be a better coach one year from now’. He explained that his coaching style had changed as he learnt more. I am on a significant learning and retooling process with my own coaching currently having spent time learning from the leading world long drive coach and the results I am achieving with hard-working Members have been great fun and very gratifying. It is all about your legs.

Imagine driving the second green in one shot. Use your legs for more power

Happy birthday Jack. The greatest player of all time turned 80 this week and he was an advocate of a golfers’ legs being a huge source of power. Jack was famously strong in his legs and in the picture below, look at the activity in his legs, one of his most powerful moves. Think of how much strength and power you have in your legs compared to your arms and you can see why the world’s best use their legs so actively.

The picture here is of a long driver crunching a drive 415 yards into the wind. The equivalent of carrying our second green from the tee. You can see how his legs have straightened as well as leaping off the ground, thus creating massive energy transfer to his club head and ball.

What does this mean to you?

If we know the longest hitters use their legs actively, then you should too. The legs provide mobility and stability in the swing and this week I have added significant club head speed, ball speed and yardage to a range of abilities and ages by explaining how one’s legs should work effectively, then measuring the improvements using Trackman. If you can walk to your lesson, you can use your legs more powerfully in your swing and add yards to your drives. My best result has been adding 30 yards to a six handicap players driver and others have added a minimum of 10 percent to their driving distance.

Book an hour with me and let me show you a power source you may well have been overlooking – 020 8876 3858.

Richard Harrison | Head Golf Professional | richard.harrison@roehamptonclub.co.uk