Chairman’s Message

Dear fellow Members,

Isn’t it good that we are able to return to almost full use of our great Club again after so many months of restrictions? The weather is cooperating too. I know that there are some limitations still, but I hope and believe that they are not too much of an inhibition. I know from my own experience that this is true as regards the Bridge Room – click here for the protocol for its use. It illustrates that we are not out of the woods yet but is consistent with the Club’s responsibility to provide a safe environment for Members and staff.

Respect for others

This is one of our core values. When the Government is calling on us all to exercise personal responsibility to keep safe during a pandemic, it is more important than ever. All staff continue to wear face coverings when indoors and we urge Members to do likewise when moving around the Clubhouse or Health Club. This is both a matter of safety and respect for others as well as self-protection. It is also in line with Government guidance.

Please do not come into the Club if you are feeling unwell or think you may have symptoms.

Please respect advice to self-isolate if you receive it. Regrettably, we have had experience of Members flouting this advice when a member of their family had tested positive. This is selfish and puts others at risk.

Please continue to wash your hands frequently or to use the hand sanitiser placed at our disposal around the Club.

The Board will continue to keep the position under review as the general situation in the country evolves and as Government advice is developed. Members may be assured that such action as is considered necessary will be taken promptly.

The Flood

Most Members will remember the flash flood last Monday afternoon which led to the closure of the swimming pools for a day. An unprecedented volume of water fell in two hours overwhelming our drainage systems and houses nearby. I want particularly to commend the Health Club staff and Maintenance staff who leapt into action working very hard and for long hours to prevent serious long-term damage restoring the Health Club to full operation within 36 hours. We are very grateful to them.

Statue in the Piazza

The imposing statue ‘Danse Gwenedour’, located in the Piazza for the last few years, has been sold and taken this week to its new owner in Cambridge. I would like to thank its sculptor and Member Dr Bushra Fakhoury for lending it to us as it certainly provoked comment from Members and guests alike as all good pieces of art should. We own a scaled down version of her most famous piece ‘Dunamis’ at our entrance as we continue to encourage unique creativity and diversity of thinking in our Club.

Sports news

Commiserations to Joe Salisbury on being pipped at the post in the Wimbledon mixed doubles final but well done for a great tournament and good luck for the Olympics where he plays with Andy Murray in the men’s doubles.


The summer holidays are upon us. The Club and surrounding traffic are noticeably quieter. May I wish all those of you who are going away good and safe journeys, to those who are staying put a peaceful and calming time and to all of us a healthy and stress-free end to the summer.

Until September!

Best wishes,

Alan Jenkins, Chairman –