Chairman’s Message

Dear fellow Members,
We are now in the sixth week of the third lockdown. We all hope that the end is in sight and that this will be the last one. I am sure that I write for us all when I say how frustrating this third closure has been. Marc Newey and I continue to receive a small number of emails from Members expressing their frustration at the inability to come to the Club and seeking a refund or a discount of the subscriptions they have paid.

Once more I think I should set out again the Board’s approach:
◊ Nothing should be done to jeopardise the long term financial viability of the Club;
◊ The health and welfare of our staff is a priority;
◊ The opportunity of the forced closure should be taken to carry out essential maintenance and other necessary improvement works so as not to inconvenience Members;
◊ With restrictions on facilities and services likely to have to remain in place for many months after reopening ,small scale projects should be undertaken to provide additional facilities and services suited to these requirements and which will also have a long term benefit to our enjoyment of the Club. Further details of the projects undertaken recently are outlined below.

The Board acknowledges that we all as Members have lost the use of our Club during the latest lockdown. I have written before that the Board will look at what it can do to recognise this in a tangible way to the benefit of all Members at its meeting at the end of March. The timetable we envisage is as follows:
◊ Mid/late February: Membership (MMC) and Finance Committees are considering the options available and their financial implications
◊ 22 February: the Prime Minister has said that he will outline a roadmap for the country to emerge from lockdown.
◊ 25 February: Board meeting to consider implications of PM’s announcement on options received from MMC and Finance
◊ 8 March: currently, the Government has said that some schools will reopen. Once reviewed the Government will announce further easing of the lockdown including potentially the resumption of forms of outdoor sport. It is unlikely that hospitality will be allowed to resume in the near future beyond what is currently permitted.
◊ 23 March: Board meeting to review progress to date

I wish to emphasise that the Board is not committing itself at this stage to making a definitive announcement about what it measures it will take, if any, at its meeting on 23rd March. The position is too uncertain, as the PM has said in stressing the need for caution.

Projects completed or currently underway:
◊  Piazza Pavilion with glass protection, seating, heating, and lighting
◊  New Piazza Coffee Shop
◊  Bar Terrace canopy with glass, heating, and lighting
◊  Padel tennis and mini tennis courts
◊  New artificial grass outdoor group exercise and children’s activities area for all year-round use
◊  18th tee safety fencing protecting the golf practice area and residents of Fairacres
◊  10th, 11th, and 12th holes protective fencing preventing stray golf balls escaping
◊  Installation of underground power and data cable to future proof new tennis air halls and Sports Shop improvements


I’d like to end this note by congratulating Club Members Cameron Norrie and Joe Salisbury on their achievements so far at the Australian Tennis Open.

Cam reached the third round of the singles and played so well against Rafa Nadal. Joe (pictured) is still going strong by his success in getting through to the men’s and mixed doubles semi-finals as he defends his men’s doubles title. He plays very early tomorrow morning and has our very best wishes on winning both for Club and country!


I’d also like to congratulate and thank, on behalf of us all, the staff and Members who have devised and put on for us all the online activities during lockdown. These cover fitness, sport, art and photography, bridge, backgammon, events and the wonderful products coming out of our Food and Beverage Team! It makes me realise what talent and dedication we have at our Club. Many thanks to you all.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the story in this Recorder by Steve Riedlinger, our archivist about Club Member, Selma van de Perre.


It is an extraordinary tale. Selma was made a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau, an award conferred by the King of the Netherlands, at a ceremony earlier this month. On behalf of us all at the Club, I would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Selma.


Best wishes