Croquet Communique

Croquet Communique – Mike Pattison, Croquet Captain

Croquet and Coronavirus Covid 19

No play, no practice and for those ‘shielding’, no exercise other than the stairs or garden, if you have one! Hopefully, most are only self-isolating, so a good daily walk is possible.

Missing though is the chat and laughter, the comical cries of ‘drat’ or ‘prune’, from the lawns on GC Club Mornings, (apologies to Harry), and the optimistic search for a custard cream in the biscuit tin!

It is all the more disappointing, as there have been so many meetings and discussions on how we would drive the section forward, to promote Croquet within the Club and also to improve the playing experience with coaching and competition. The efforts will not be wasted as they will still be used, but in my time as Captain, I haven’t seen such a positive approach to a season with new initiatives, some new Competition Captains and determination to succeed, only to be stopped in our tracks by coronavirus.

Croquet Association Competitions

The CA have announced some revised dates for their competitions:

GC inter-club competitions

Inter-Club – prelim round 5th July; subsequent rounds 26th July, 16th August, 6th September. Final, as scheduled, on 26th September.

Murphy Shield – prelim round 5th July; subsequent rounds 26th July, 16th August, 6th September, Final, as scheduled, by 27th September.

AC inter-club competitions

Inter-club and Longman Cup (Trophies) – 6th July, 10th August, 14th September. Finals, as scheduled, on weekend of 3rd / 4th October

Mary Rose – 6th July, 10th August, 7th September, 28th September. Finals, as scheduled, on 3rd October

However, these appear VERY optimistic and will be subject to review.

South East Croquet Federation Leagues

The SECF have cancelled all leagues for 2020.

They will review at a later date to see if any events or league formats are possible.

Roehampton Club Croquet

We have cancelled our May Summer Week Tournaments. However, the GC Roehampton Club Spoon (internal) may be rescheduled.

Internal Summer Tournaments

We have not yet made a final decision on either the GC or AC events. (The original draws have been completed). There will be no play until the end of May, possibly end of June. However, it is hoped that if the situation changes, we will be able to review and possibly run some events, albeit in a changed format, depending on entry and available time.

My mallets are shielding and self-isolating while catching up with some tactics and the rules!

However, from the depths of the garage, came an indoor version of the game.

The hoops keep moving or falling over, no ‘jump shots’ – the TV is in danger!

Please keep in touch with each other and help if you can. I wish you all the best during this awful time.

Keep well!
Mike Pattison
Croquet Captain